LED Traffic Lantern

ATS LED Traffic Signals

- A Brighter Way to Control Your Traffic -

ATS latest LED Optical Assemblies (approved for installation in Singapore by LTA) are available in two main sizes, Ø300mm and Ø200mm. These are available in standard full aspect traffic lights ‘Red/ Yellow/ Green’ colour as well as Symbolic ‘Red/ Yellow/ Green’ Arrow aspects for vehicle control and ‘Red Man’ and ‘Green Man’ for pedestrian control.

Various Series of ATS LED Traffic Signals
  • 200mm Red
  • 200mm Amber
  • 200mm Green
  • 200mm Red Arrow
  • 200mm Amber Arrow
  • 200mm Green Arrow
  • 300mm Red
  • 300mm Amber
  • 300mm Green
  • 300mm Red Arrow
  • 300mm Amber Arrow
  • 300mm Green Arrow
  • 300mm Red Man
  • 300mm Green Man
  • 300mm Red Bicycle Signal
  • 300mm Green Bicycle Signal
  • 300mm B-Signal (For Bus)
  • 300mm Wait Signal
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